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Assessments, ranging from initial to full, can be provided, covering parenting capacity, attachment, ability to protect and contact issues. Form F and Form E assessments can be undertaken.
Risk assessments where mental health, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol misuse, sex offending or learning disabilities are features are available, drawing on specialist knowledge in these fields.
The level and strength of attachment between children and family/carers and siblings can be assessed. In addition, work to assess and promote resilience in children can be provided.
ChildPlus Consultancy offers a consultancy service to local authorities and Courts relating to issues of attachment, separation, contact, type of placement and post-placement planning.
Assessments of extended family members as potential carers, including identifying post-placement needs, are available.
Training in a range of childcare and mental health issues to meet the needs of agencies in the statutory, voluntary and not for profit sectors. A portfolio of training is available or courses can be designed to meet specific needs.